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The Benefits Of Head Spa


A head spa is a rejuvenating hair treatment. Whether your hair is dry or oily, breakage-prone, or damaged, a hair spa can help.

It improves hair texture and appearance and makes your hair soft, smooth, and shiny. It reduces the detrimental effects of pollution, weather, dirt, and UV rays on hair. It transforms dry and brittle hair into hydrated & strong hair roots

Why is Head Spa becoming more popular?

Research shows from (Forbes, Vogue, nytimes) the effectiveness of Head Spa is over 80% for healthier & stronger scalp.

The benefits are:
1. Regulates sebum production

2. Conditions the hair and scalp to prevent dryness

3. Rejuvenates dry, brittle, rough, and thinning hair

4. Reduces hair loss

5. Stimulates hair growth

6. Cleanses the scalp and prevents dandruff

7. Improves hair and scalp health

8. Unclogs pores and removes product residue and dirt from the scalp

9. Increases blood circulation

10. Repairs damaged hair

Hedison Secret Formula: Biotin-1,000PPM™

Biotin, known as a Vitamin B6, is proven to be effective against hair loss.

Hedison Head Spa has been in the scalp treatment industry for 20 years, and has develop a special formula known at Biotin, 1,000PPM. This formula consist of the highest grade and content of Biotin, which guarantee effectiveness in 60 days.

How To Do head spa at home?

Hedison's Ultimate Hair Growth Kit is a complete Head Spa Kit, where you can enjoy head spa from home.

Each product has its own specific function design to produce maximum results. With 3 Simple Steps:

1. Exfoliate
2. Cleanse
3. Growth

See results in 60 days!