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The Kit is a complete set which aims to promote hair growth. In order for your hair to regrowth, you need to:

1st: Clear all dead skin cell and impurities that clogs the hair follicles.
2nd: Stimulate the blood circulation, to allow blood flow through the hair follicles that brings nutrients and oxygen.
3rd: Constantly hydrate and moisturize to promote healthy hair scalp.

The product is to promote a healthy scalp, whereby your hair roots has sufficient nutrient to promote hair growth.

Our products does not tackle balding, only receding hair lines issue. Please drop us an email, or chat with us on Facebook, we have an inhouse hair specialist that will advise you accordingly.

This product is specifically design for sensitive skins, especially for customers who suffers from itchy, oily, dry scalp & dandruff.

On average, the growth cycle of a hair follicles takes 60 days.

Yes, for better result, you can use it twice a day.

Biotin, Anti Sebum, Garlic Extract and Magnolia Bark Extract, only natural ingredient.

Why choose Hedison?

Hedison mainly focuses on a complete process for hair regrowth, it takes 3 steps which are Exfoliate, Cleanse, Growwhereby we have a 60 days guarantee. Our product's secret ingredient is BIOTIN, which is a B vitamin often recommended for hair growth.

We are from Korea, and has been in the hair industry for 22 years.

Hedison Head Spa is a family owned business, we have our own factory in Korea, R&D Team, and each product are carefully formulae and clinical proven effective.

Yes, they are! NOT number as below:
Solution, NOT Number: NOT200900641K
Shampoo, NOT Number: NOT200900640K
Tonic, NOT number: NOT20900642K

Yes, we have plenty of them. You can click on reviews, or proven results to see all of our happy customers!

Delivery within Malaysia will take 2 - 5 working days (West Malaysia) | 7 - 14 working days (East Malaysia), and international delivery will take 15 - 20 working days once your order has been shipped out from our warehouse. 

Please check our page Growth Guarantee for more info.