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Based on 170 reviews
This Hair care product is second to none..

I have been using Hedison Hair Tonic for my years of hair crisis for over 3 weeks now. The ongoing result is mind-boggling!!!. Initially, I was sceptical of the effectiveness. But now, the common hairline receding and baldness issues is no longer a worry to me. I am using this product diligently and it boosts my self-confidence as well. Next on my bucket list is the Ultimate Hair growth kit. Kudos to Hedison Head Spa for this amazing product.It worth every penny.Thank you.


Hair is growing fast and thicker

Has been using this product for 3 months and it allowed me to grow my hair significantly faster. It feels fuller now and the strands seem thicker and stronger. Thank you so much for bringing us such good product

Must try!!!!!!!

I have an oily scalp and need to wash my hair daily. I started to panic about my hair loss as i can see a lot of hair covering the drainage holes after bath (it's scary to look at the huge amount of hair after each bath). I started using Hedison's range of products 4 weeks ago (shampoo, Vital Solution and Vital Energy tonic). After 2 weeks, I saw a significant decrease of hair loss (1/4 lesser hair loss). By end of 4th week, hair loss was 1/2 and I also see lesser hair around the house. This product really works for me and I'd really recommend you to try it too! I can't tell if I have increased hair growth (looks like it had slightly more volume) but the amount if hair loss now is less worrying as compared in the past!

Was attracted by the packaging

I was attracted by their packaging in Facebook at first, and then saw their ingredients are all natural and also Biotin is included. Definitely a Yes to try out this product.

Can't wait to try it out

Just received my parcel this morning. Will definitely try it out later, the delivery was quite fast. Will repeat order if the result was good.

Big shoutout for Hedison!

Tq Dr. Tiew for being so patient and help me to sort out the causes of my hair loss problem. He recommended me to try out their Ultimate Hair Growth kit and the result was crazily amazing. This is my 2nd time purchasing their products.

Product is amazing!!!!!

My hair fall problem is decreasing and the hair feels stronger and healthier. I love the scent, it smells very natural.

Excited nak cuba

Can't wait nak cuba barang mereka. Recommend dari kawan, baunya wangi dan packaging cantik. Nak consistent guna 2 bulan.

Can’t wait to try it. I've tried their shampoo, can see that I have baby hairs growing. Item received in good condition. 👍👍👍👍👍



Recommended by friend

Saw the amazing result on my friend and decided to give it a try!


Item received in good condition. Fast delivery as well. This packaging is much better than the other brand I've tried before. No leak. Good seller. Will repeat order again

Highly recommended

⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Here are the reasons:
⭐️Fast response
⭐️Seller was very patient and helpful
⭐️Reorder the same product and received it fast and in a very satisfying condition.

First try

First time trying hair growth tonic. Hope it works well on me, get to know them from Facebook and saw a lot of good reviews in Shopee.

Mesti cuba

Happy sangat! Harga consider ok sebab brng ni quality punye. Packaging secure memang takde leaking. Pakai pun fresh ke rasa kepala. Bau pun wangi.

Suitable for sensitive hair scalp

I have sensitive scalp and it's really hard to find a product that is suitable for me and won't feel itchy. Really surprised by the soothing effect and it works well on me. I think it's because their product are made of organic ingredients.





Good packaging

Love their packaging and the scent was amazing. Not sure if it works for me or not, will try it out tonight

Will continue purchase

Already finished my first bottle of this tonic. My friends are amazed by the great result, a lot of baby hair growing. My hair is super healthy and strong now, recommended them to try out too.

Brng bgus gilaaaa

Brng ok, smpai cepat. Ii bgus gilaaaa. I letak dlm botol spray kecik so senang nak guna kat scalp. Lepas pakai 2 minggu, banyak babyhair mencanak naik. kena konsisten pakai up to 3 months 👍🏻

Love it

Has been facing hair loss and thinning problems especially the middle part for few years. Luckily it has been improving after using this product for 2 months only, can see new hair growing and my hair is thicker now.

Not bad

Just received the product, fast shipping. Will try it out and see how it goes.


The tonic is quite nice and easy to use. Just spray on the scalp and done!