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Hedison Vital Energy Tonic 200ml

Hedison Vital Energy Tonic

✔️Made in Korea
✔️Delivery 2-5 Working days 
✔️Contains 1,000ppm of Biotin
✔️Clinically proven formulae

  • Hair becomes thicker 
  • New hairs are noticeable 
  • Hair feels stronger
  • Less hair fall

What's Inside the Box:
200ML: Hedison Vital Tonic x1


How Does it Work?

Step 1:

👉 Scalp has impurities, dirt that clog up your pores.

👉Causes nutrient and oxygen unable to be absorbed.

👉Exfoliate is needed to break down the dead skin cell

Step 2:

👉Blood flow is stimulated

👉Unable nutrient and oxygen to be readily absorbed.

👉Roots becomes stronger

Step 3:

👉The scalp form a new healthier layer of skin

👉The tonic contains nutrients such as biotin to promote better hair growth

Growth Guarantee

We have great confidence in our products. Enough confidence to offer you a Growth Guarantee. 

Yes! If you don't see any results you get your money back

 If you dont see any results after this period and you followed our guidelines you are eligible for the growth guarantee. Please go to the page Growth Guarantee to submit a claim.